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Primary School

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    • Children at the heart of all we do

    Cafe Noel at St. John's

    Ms Rowe had a feeling that Episkopi School Choir’s rendition of ‘Winter Carol’ would impress, but even she wasn’t prepared for the sheer force of a performance they gave at Café Noel this year. The applause and cheer that arose from the hall after their incredible, flawless performance had us grinning like Cheshire Cats! Professional to the last, our children KNEW they had given a performance of a lifetime and when they came offstage, they kept telling Ms Rowe: ‘We were amazing weren’t we?!’ Comments from flabbergasted parents and staff alike confirmed that yes, indeed they were, with the overwhelming response being ‘Primary School Choirs aren’t supposed to sound like that!’

    Anna  and Ellen  were very busy that evening as they performed with both Epi Choir and St John’s Voices. What talented young ladies! And speaking of which, it was lovely to see ‘old’ faces of previous choir members up on stage too singing solos!