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Computing & Technology

Computing is taken very seriously in Episkopi Primary School, both in Computing lessons and across the rest of the curriculum.  We are lucky to be very well resourced, so pupils of all ages have access to different technologies, software and hardware, to help and support them in their learning.

We have a specialist teacher, Mrs Thurgood, who planned the school's computing scheme of work to maximise skills' progression from one year to the next, in all of the important elements of Computing.  She also teaches Computing from Y1 through to Y6.  Amongst other things, pupils learn about algorithms and how to create them in different software, as well as in real-life scenarios; they learn how to break problems down in order to solve them more easily; they also learn how networks and the Internet work, creating webpages using HTML and designing their own search engines;  pupils are also taught touch-typing.  Within classes in KS2, pupils have access to their own Surface Pro in order to use and develop their 'soft skills' (such as word processing, presenting and safe searching) whilst working in other subject areas.  

iPads are widely accessed in our school and their use is planned for creatively by teachers.  We have frequent staff INSET on all of our school's technologies to ensure the most efficient use of what we have, to the benefit of all of our learners.

eSafety is very high on our list of priorities and it receives a week of dedicated Computing time each term, with parents invited in for workshops as well as to attend their children's eSafety lessons in the Summer term.  In an age when technology is an integral part of our everyday life, it is vital that we keep our children informed about and protected from the dangers.