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Online Learning

We are very fortunate at Episkopi Primary to have access to a number of superb learning tools, within and outside of school hours.  We have been using Discovery Education/Espresso Home Access for a number of years, and in the last few years have purchased licenses for PurpleMash, Oddizzi and Mathletics to reinforce children's learning and to give them safe environments to research as well as be creative.   

Pupils are given their unique log-in IDs and passwords at the start of each year (or upon arrival for new starters), they are attached inside their reading diaries.  All usernames and passwords are now stored within Wonde, a fantastic website for which the pupils have a QR code login (in reading diaries) that allows them to access all subscriptions without the need for further logging-in!

You will by now, no doubt, have heard of your child's progress via ClassDojo and/or Seesaw too!

Here is a link to the parents' guide to SeeSaw.

Please drop Mrs Thurgood,  an email if you encounter technical problems with any of these.