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Admissions' Policy

Children are admitted to school on an entitled basis. All serving military personnel and MOD civilians based in WSBA are entitled to be admitted to our school. We have no ‘cap’ on numbers in any year group or in the school as a whole. Certain agencies also have entitled, but fee-paying rights to attend our school, e.g. SSAFA.

MOD Schools admissions policy states that all children must have confirmation that all needs can be met through an enquiry process: MOD Assessment of Supportability Overseas (MASO) – see Episkopi Primary School Admission Statement.

All children and parents are welcomed by the Headteacher and/or the Deputy Headteacher for a short interview to share information and are then admitted to school on the following school day.

In line with MOD Schools admissions policy the following applies:

• Children are admitted to Foundation Stage 1 at the start of the term after their third birthday.

• Children are admitted to Foundation Stage 2 in the September after their fourth birthday.