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Communication with parents

New arrivals during the academic year

After a period of around two weeks, the parents of newly arrived children are invited to meet with the class teacher, virtually or in person, Covid restrictions allowing, to discuss how their child has settled in. Please take advantage of this invitation as it also gives you the opportunity to meet and get to know your child’s teacher.

Ongoing contact with parents

We aim to keep you well-informed about what your child is doing at school.  Firstly, there is the half-termly newsletter, The Owl, which contains notices for parents and reports on what’s happening throughout the school. This is written and edited by children who sit on the Newsletter Committee. Secondly, we provide a termly overview of what your child will be doing in each area of the curriculum, with ideas of how to help your child at home. Also, when Covid restrictions allow, as we are committed to a real open-door policy, we encourage parents to come into school to support their child’s class or indeed other classes with any areas of expertise they would be willing to share. Finally, we pride ourselves on providing our children with a wide variety of experiences outside the classroom and always welcome parental help on our many, varied visits out of school.

Parent:Teacher Interviews

You will be invited to attend a parent:teacher interview each term, either in person or virtually, and all parents are encouraged to attend.As well as these formally arranged meetings, you are, of course, welcome to request a meeting with your child’s teacher at any time by calling the school office to make an appointment.


As well as verbal reports at parent:teacher interviews, an interim report is sent out during the second half of the Spring Term to parents, regarding their child’s attitudes to learning, social skills and personal organisation skills. The school sends out a comprehensive annual report to all parents at the start of July each year, outlining the progress their child has made during the previous academic year.  If there are concerns following receipt of these reports, parents are encouraged to meet with their child’s class teacher to discuss these on an appointment basis during the week following the issue of reports.