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Attendance is vital for your child to learn and grow both socially and academically. Children who move schools often already lose valuable school time unless they move during the holidays. Please help your child by ensuring that they maximise their attendance at school. In order to comply with MOD Schools’ regulations, we follow the UK practice of contacting the parents of children who are absent to check that they are aware that their child is not in school. Unless parents have already contacted school directly, we will contact parents/guardians on the first day of absence to discuss the reason for absence and when the child is expected to return to school.

The Headteacher may authorise known advance absences in exceptional circumstances, and will deal with every case on its merits. In these exceptional circumstances additional paperwork will need to be completed. Please contact the school office to request the forms, which will need to be counter-signed by your unit representative. This policy is in place across all MOD schools. The Headteacher’s decision is final. We do not authorise absence for holidays during term time.


We are fully aware of the added pressures of being away from family, and of spouses being away on duty. Post Operation Tour Leave (POTL) also entitles parents to further days of authorised leave to recognise the importance of re-establishing the family unit after a prolonged active tour of duty. This must be authorised by the CO of the unit on the paperwork available from the school office. 

Please ensure you keep school informed and use the request for absence form, which can be downloaded from the school website or collected from the school office.