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FS1 Curriculum

The activities and opportunities we plan for your child build on existing abilities, experiences and interests. The children will take part in structured play and learning experiences which enable them to develop a wide range of skills and to cooperate with each other.  The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum is organised into seven areas of learning.

There are 3 prime areas:   1. Communication and language; 2. Physical development; 3. Personal, social and emotional development.

... and 4 specific areas:  4. Literacy; 5. Mathematics; 6. Understanding the world; 7. Expressive arts and design.

These areas of development provide a foundation for, and lead into, the early stages of the National Curriculum. More detailed information is available on request. 

We also have specialist teachers such as Mrs Millard from Cyprus Music Service and Mr Hambleton, our swimming and PE teacher.