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Health Issues

School Nurse Service

The school health service aims to enhance school children’s health and well-being and encourages them to make healthy lifestyle choices.The School Nurse is often involved with health education and health promotion in school. She is in our school at the same time each week. Parents can contact the School Nurse, via the School office, if they wish to discuss any health-related concerns.


The school staff are NOT in a position to administer medicine to children. Children should never bring medication to school themselves (except inhalers). Should your child require medicine during the day, please arrange to administer this yourself.

Inhalers and Epi-Pens

Pens will be kept safely in the medical room if this is required. Please ensure that your child has a spare inhaler in school and that it is still in date. Please also ensure that your child has their inhaler in their bag for any occasions when children leave the school building, e.g. swimming, school trips, etc.