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The aim of history at Episkopi Primary School is to enable children to build their knowledge of the past and develop their understanding about how historians investigate the past whilst using historical questioning skills to become analytical and critical thinkers who are able to learn from the past as we move into the future.


Through history, our pupils are equipped to embody our values in learning by using both substantive and disciplinary knowledge in combination to give them the skills to construct historical arguments or analyse and reflect. Through our teaching, we demonstrate how evidence-based questioning can develop resilience and reflection. Pupils show a sense of responsibility by handling and treating artefacts, archaeological sites and historical perspectives with respect.


Across all year groups, there is a focus within history on reflection whereby pupils recognise the value of questioning and how this can enhance learning. They learn through discussion that history does not always give a definitive answer to a question but that sensible conclusions can still be reached. They enhance their relationship skills when drawing on the expertise of local historians from our unique location and an understanding that history is now and that they are a part of it.  They develop an understanding of the experiences of people from different times and places. 

Our history curriculum covers all aspects of the National Curriculum and areas of focus include:

  • The Great Fire of London
  • The Black Death
  • Christopher Columbus
  • The Tudors
  • The Moon landings
  • Stone Age
  • Ancient Greeks
  • Egyptians
  • Romans
  • World War II
  • Early Islamic Civilisations
  • Anglo Saxons/Vikings
  • Britain since 1948
  • Victorians
  • The Maya
  • Cyprus


We make effective use of appropriate artefacts, local experts and those from further afield to enhance our curriculum.