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The aim of language learning at Episkopi Primary School is to promote and develop pupils’ understanding, appreciation and love of new language, culture and tradition that will continue beyond their school years. 

Through languages, our pupils are becoming equipped to embody our values in learning by listening to and speaking a new language, as well as appreciating the value and beauty of other cultures, religions and traditions.  Through our teaching, we demonstrate how learning a foreign language requires a commitment to practise and be resilient, we do our best learning when we try, make mistakes and then try again.

From Y1 to Y5 children are learning Greek in EPS and this will help them to gain a deeper understanding of Cyprus and its people, to help them make the most of living here.  In Y6 they are learning Greek, French and German in order to aid transition to Y7 as well as to get them enthused about new languages, ready for when they move to secondary, where they may be learning a different language entirely!

Learning a modern foreign language helps us to bridge cultural divides, in an ethnically diverse society, with our moving population, we feel this is a very important part of education for the ‘whole child’.