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Religious Education

The aim of Religious Education at Episkopi Primary school is to enable pupils to develop their levels of religious literacy and understanding of – and respect for - world religions, faiths and world views so that they become thoughtful members of the global community. 


Through Religious Education, our pupils are equipped to embody our values in learning by reflecting on their own ideas about religion and beliefs and ways of living and resourcefully investigating and exploring big questions about life. Pupils are given opportunities to connect their learning to their own lives, relationships and experiences so that they can responsibly articulate their own beliefs and views.


Across all year groups, there is a focus within Religious Education on the importance of relationships and responsibility. Through carefully selected tasks, we enable our pupils to develop an aptitude for dialogue which in turn allows them to participate positively in our society building relationships within our school and our diverse community. By, systematically, exploring the meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God and issues of right and wrong our children develop a sense of responsibility towards others and their right to differ.