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The School Curriculum

Episkopi Primary School, like other MOD Schools, follows the new National Curriculum. Children need to be able to arrive at our school and experience a smooth transition into the curriculum so that minimal learning time is lost.  Our curriculum is based on the requirements laid down within the National Curriculum in England (2014) and as such the school currently teaches English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Design & Technology, History, Geography, Art, Physical Education, Music and Religious Education. Additionally, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is central to the ethos of our school and actively promoted in all classes in a variety of ways. From Y1 to Y5 children learn Greek, in Y6 they learn French.  We have close links with colleagues at St. John’s Secondary school, which we share a site with. This enables us to utilise joint expertise in many areas of the curriculum, such as History, Geography, Science, Music, PE and RE, and gives us access to specialist resources such as science labs.

Our curriculum is available on our website. Regular assessment forms an important part of the work undertaken by your child when they are with us. We use a carefully thought-out range of assessments to ensure that children are making good progress and teachers’ practice is informed and inclusive. Children in Year 6 will complete the statutory National Curriculum Tests. Standardised tests also form an integral part of our assessment in Years 3, 4 and 5.  Year 1 children complete the phonics' screening test each June. Year 2 children complete National Curriculum Tests in line with DfE guidance. Teaching philosophy and approach are set out in our various subject policy documents. These can be viewed on our website. They are reviewed by the SGC on parents’ behalf on a rolling programme.