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Virtual School Prospectus

Welcome to Episkopi Primary School!

We hope that your time in Cyprus is exciting, rewarding and enjoyable for you and your family.

As an MOD school, we have many, many years of experience supporting all of our families and we are determined to make the very best of the short time children are with us. Our aim is to encourage and develop children’s learning power, so that they know how to learn and be the best that they can be, within a warm, caring and supportive environment. We offer a lively and engaging curriculum, which makes the most of our unique locality here in Cyprus and enables children to enjoy living and learning in another country and culture.

Every child matters and we promote a ‘can-do’ attitude for all, ensuring children recognise that we all have different strengths, skills, knowledge and abilities. We build self-confidence in our children through valuing and respecting our similarities and differences.

We consider the parent-school partnership to be a vital part of every child’s education. We know that you will have high expectations of us and we work very hard with children every day to live up to those expectations. In return, we have high expectations of you and your child/ren. Together we can make a real difference and we look forward to a great partnership, which will ensure that your child leaves as a successful, confident learner.

We will do our very best to ensure that your child has a happy and successful time at Episkopi Primary School and hope that in the future they will look back on their time in our school with great fondness and pride.