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Joining Us

As an MOD school we are well aware of the anxieties that mobility can have on our families and we work hard to ensure that all pupils settle in quickly. We welcome every child and family warmly, doing all we can support their transition and ensure a positive and rewarding learning experience at our school.  

Admission to MOD Schools requires an Educational Clearance prior to a family posting overseas. Without Educational Clearance children cannot be admitted to an MOD school.

As part of this process, you will be required to complete a First Contact form, which requests relevant information e.g. name of child, date of birth, name, rank, service number (if applicable), assignment date, family details and name and contact details for the current school. You will be asked to give consent for the school to contact the current school and request information on your child using the EOS.

  • The Admissions Administrator will then request an Education Overseas Supportability (EOS) Form is completed by the child’s current school.
  • If there are any special educational needs or medical needs, then Mrs Favis (SENCO) will contact your child’s school and consider what support your child may need, before an Educational Clearance may be granted. 
  • In some instances, we may require further advice whether a child’s needs can be met.
  • If your child has a significant level of special needs, has current involvement from other agencies or there are potential resource implications, then a MOD Assessment of Suitability Overseas (MASO) may be required.
  • The MASO (MOD Assessment of Supportability Overseas) process can take up to 8 weeks. The MASO leaflet on this page explains this process in detail.
  • Once Educational Clearance has been granted and arrival dates are confirmed a provisional visiting and start date can be agreed.

Do I need to register my child with CEAS?

To find out more about the role of CEAS please see the leaflet and letter on this page.

CEAS mission statement is:

‘To support operational effectiveness in the armed forces by enabling Service (and eligible MOD civilian) families to secure appropriate educational provision for their children in the UK and overseas.’

If your child has special or additional needs then, in line with JSP 820, you must register with the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) and notify them of any proposed overseas assignment. A link to the CEAS website with contact details is here.

You should register with CEAS if any of the following apply to your child:

Is your child on the special needs list?

If so please register your child with CEAS and share this information with the school.

Does your child have any medical conditions? e.g.

Hearing difficulties
Visual difficulties
Speech and language difficulties

If so please register your child with CEAS and share this information with the school.

Has your child seen any of the following people?

Speech and language therapist
Educational Psychologist
Occupational therapist
Clinical Psychologist
Child and adolescent mental health worker (CAMHs)
Social worker
Educational welfare officer

If so please register your child with CEAS and share this information with the school.  

CEAS can be contacted in the following ways:

Tel: +44 (0) 1980 61 8244 (Civ) or 94344 8244 (Mil)

Fax: +44 (0) 1980 61 8245 (Civ) or 94344 8245 (Mil)


Please remember that during the school holidays admissions and supportability requests may be delayed due to schools being closed in the UK and overseas. We shall endeavour to process admissions requests but cannot guarantee these will be processed before September when schools reopen. Those admission requests where we require the ability to gather further information from the pupil’s current school may only be possible in September.

First things first:

Please download, complete and return to our school office the 'EPS First Contact Form' attached to this page.